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"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. And in the realm of imagination, mathematics and art are intimately connected." - Albert Einstein


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Artistic Statement

David's art is a journey of self-discovery, where he explores the interplay between chaos and balance in his life. Drawing on his experiences growing up in Manhattan and later moving to the suburbs of Florida, David's work captures the tension between these two worlds. Through fluid impressionism, he creates patterns of wisps and ripples that flow into one another, revealing both simplicity and complexity.

David's art is deeply rooted in his interests in math and spirituality, which he sees as interconnected by self-similar patterns known as fractals. He finds inspiration in philosophy and other sources that explore these connections. His paintings offer a glimpse into the shared experiences that connect us all, while celebrating the unique beauty of each individual.

Ultimately, David's vision is to use creativity as a tool for self-discovery, acceptance, and understanding. Through his art, he invites viewers to delve into their true selves and discover the interconnectedness that binds us all together.

Creative Process

David is a master at blending various styles and techniques to create unique pieces of art. Having acquired Photoshop skills as a teenager, they began their art journey over the quarantine with a stencil style, and now incorporate certain elements of that style to create fluid impressionistic works using acrylic. Drawing inspiration from other abstract artists, they continuously strive to push the boundaries of their own artistic standards and find a subject matter that allows them to express their emotions through gestural works of art.

David's commitment to becoming proficient in all the mediums that interest him is evident, and this willingness to embrace new tools and techniques will undoubtedly lead to more exciting and diverse work in the future. Overall, his creative process reflects a deep passion and dedication to their craft.

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